Red Bud Isle

Since our team began this project, the name of one dog park resurfaced over and over: “Red Bud Isle.” Of course, we had to  check it out, so here goes: the official review.

Red Bud Isle is a highly coveted dog park in Austin. Positioned on an island, dog owners feel confident letting their furry friends run off-leash along wide trails and shaded paths. Lining the path on one side is a forested area, and on the other side, pups jump into the Colorado River in several places. Some banks feature limestone steps and stones, while others reveal exposed tree roots. Overall, the vibe of Red Bud Isle is friendly but not overbearing. Dog owners congregate at the north end of the island while they toss tennis balls to their dogs, but along the trail, there’s plenty of space for those who prefer to keep to themselves.

The drawbacks: There’s no human restroom or port-a-potty at this dog park. The parking is also very limited. Etiquette rule: wait in line for a parking space to open up.

The perks: The small parking lot limits the number of dogs in the park at one time. The path is wide and shaded; the view is breathtaking. Kayakers move through the river as your puppers swim near the shore. People are friendly, and the trail is long enough for small dogs to get a decent walk in.

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