Austin Doggos is a project to visualize where Austin’s goodest boys are found. We believe in the power of doggos to bring joy, and we hope to spread that joy to as many humans as possible.

Here’s a little about our dog lovin’ team members:


Savannah’s always down to snuggle with a fluffy doggo. For Thanksgiving, she and her pup wore matching pj’s. (Daphne rocked a 2T with cut off sleeves.) Savannah is glad you’re here and would love to meet your doggo.

Frolicking through a field on a rainy Sunday with her brother’s rambunctious doggo, Bran.


At one point growing up, Natalie had five dogs in her house. Five large dogs. A boxer, a German Shepherd, a pit bull, a schnauzer and an Australian cattle dog. Not fostering or babysitting, just a crazy mother full of love.

Natalie fending off an affectionate pupper while out on assignment.


After adopting a sweet two-month-old pupperino, Bonny didn’t realize she got herself in a real mess. As a smol boy, Peanut had strong tendencies to herd people and destroy rolls of toilet paper. But Bonny still always looks forward to showing off this gentle giant and how much of a good boy he really is.

One week after Bonny stole Peanut from her parents so he can live with her at college instead.


John has grown to prefer cats.

John and his once faithful companion, Portakal, relishing one of life’s simplest pleasures.
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